Christopher Santos

Christopher Santos was born in the lower east side of New York City . His family moved to the upstate New York town of Fleishmans when he was two where his father Alfredo Santos, a renown artist, opened up an art gallery.

One year stint at at SUNY Cobleskill didnt do the trick so he moved to Florida to see his mother and there at the age of 21 Christopher joined the army. He served in Germany and was part of the Black Horse Calvary who was a unit instrumental in the historical bringing down the wall between East and West Germany.

When he returned from Germany in 1990. He traveled around the states spending time in Chula Vista, California spending time with his father. From there on he traveled throughout the United States .

He moved back to New York in 2010 while visiting his mother and brother lured by the incredible colors of autumn and intuitive direction to his Catskill Mountain roots.

His background in his fathers gallery and reconnnecting with him in California when he left the service re-enforced the curiosity and aesthetic that he developed. In his current work Santos draws with a black marker on his photographs that provide him with inspiration and perspective. His art is applied as a unique tattoo on photography.




" When you see Santos' work, you immediately are drawn in and look for your own interpretation and within moments you find it." Michele Freleigh